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Best way to wake up your baby if you needed to

Updated: Nov 13, 2022


Whether it's a baby or an adult, waking up in the morning is hard. We all have our own tricks for getting out of bed, but what about when you need to wake up your infant? If you're the parent of a newborn who will only sleep through the night if you rock them to sleep and then hold them until they fall back asleep again, getting out of bed can be challenging. However, there are ways to gently rouse your baby without waking her up completely (and potentially startling her), which will allow both of you more restful nights.

Get out of the room.

To get your baby’s attention, you don’t have to play around with her by tickling or tossing her in the air. Nor should you yell at her. Instead, gently touch your infant’s foot or cheek. If she doesn't respond to that, gently massage her hands and feet to help stimulate blood flow (which will wake the rest of her up).

Your infant should start to wake up between five and eight minutes after you stop touching her.

Once she’s awake, you can place her back in her crib and leave the room with the door open.

If you’re worried that she might wake up during her nap and start crying again, try setting a timer for about 30 minutes. When the timer goes off, gently touch your infant’s foot or cheek to wake her up.

Don't play around with your baby by tickling him/her or tossing in the air.

Don't play around with your baby by tickling her or tossing her in the air. Tossing a baby up in the air can cause serious injury, especially if she is too young to hold her head up on her own. If you want to give her a little toss, hold onto one hand and gently toss it down as if she were an egg. You might want to wait until she has developed more control before doing this at all; some parents worry that their toddler could develop bad habits from throwing themselves into things during playtime!

Tickling is also something that should be avoided for safety reasons, especially since it's hard for babies to tell when they're being tickled on purpose versus accidentally brushing against your finger while exploring something else—like your nose!

Never shake your baby.

Don't shake your baby. Shaking a baby can cause brain damage, injuries, and death. If you must wake them up quickly for any reason, gently rock or pat their bottom or side rather than shaking them in the case of an emergency or if they are not breathing well and need resuscitation

Shaking a baby can cause long term brain damage, long term injuries, or even death. If you must wake them up quickly for any reason, gently rock or pat their bottom if they are not breathing well and need resuscitation.

Never yell at your baby.

You’re going to want to avoid yelling at your baby. This is a form of abuse, and will not make your child go to sleep or stop crying or get better if they are sick.

It’s a lot easier than you might think to wake your child up without yelling at them.

There are many ways to wake up your baby without having to yell. One of the best is by using a vibrating pillow or mattress pad. These are available in various sizes and shapes, so you can choose from something as small as an 8×10 inch square all the way up to a full-size queen bed. The idea behind these pads is that they will stimulate your child's nervous system with vibrations, which helps them become more alert during times when their body needs some extra rest.

Apply a gentle touch to your infant's foot or cheek.

If you have to wake your baby up, the best way is to apply a gentle touch to the foot or cheek. This can be done by gently patting, stroking or rubbing the foot or cheek of your infant. If your baby awakens in response to this action then they will most likely be happy and not crying when they are fully awake.

There are some caveats here: if your baby is sleeping with their arms outstretched, then gently touching either the cheek or foot may cause them to startle and wake up abruptly. In this case, use caution before applying any type of pressure.

Gently massage your infant's hands and feet.

The best way to wake up your baby if you needed to is to gently massage their hands and feet. This can be done whether they are asleep or awake. The key is being gentle, as you don’t want your child to startle awake and get startled by the sensation of being touched while they are sleeping.

Ignoring the issue of getting your child to sleep in the first place, there are few things more frustrating than trying to wake up a sleeping baby. New parents have a lot on their plates when it comes time for bedtime — especially if they're breastfeeding. Newborns don't stay asleep long enough, and they're generally fussy when waking up (it's not just you!). But there is hope: you can use touch and massage techniques to ease them into consciousness.

If you are gentle but firm your baby will wake up in no time

If your baby is not waking up and you have to wake him/her up, then it's time to be gentle but firm.

The best way to do this is by talking softly. The best thing about talking softly is that it makes them feel like they are still in their dreams and not fully awake. This will help them get back into sleep much faster than anything else can. If you want more information on how this works, there are many articles online that talk about this topic in great detail and provide excellent advice on what can be done if the above method doesn't work for some reason or another (e.g., your infant has trouble waking up due to other factors).


If you're looking for ways to wake your baby, these are the best options. You can use them all or just pick one that works best for you. No matter what method you choose, remember not to shake, yell at or tickle your baby as they will likely wake up in a bad mood and possibly even start crying again - which is definitely not what we want!

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